Project - The project was to assist a major defense contractor with their reporting systems. The reporting systems are required to provide many pieces of information over many spans of time, across many products and services. The reporting tools used must be scalable, efficient and highly transparent so that information derived from them, can be easily tracked back to the sources. BusinessObjects technology was chosen to be that tool suite and expertise in the product was by default, a required component. BusinessObjects was mandated as the replacement reporting tool to supersede all legacy reporting tools across the global corporation with their largest business unit being the first to implement.

Client Challenge - Many legacy systems used throughout the years across several business acquisitions, provided varying configurations and functionalities that needed duplication in the new tool. Legacy systems were plagued with inefficiencies and embedded code that made reverse engineering a nightmare. Add to the complex array of legacy systems, historical references on the original reports was lost over time with retiring employees and others who found new direction in other business units or companies. In some cases, age of the report over tenures was simply the biggest factor. Support includes enterprise wide system upkeep, as well as troubleshooting the bugs and intricacies of the newest version of the new tool.

Creek Systems Solution - This major defense contractor engaged Creek Systems and subsequently enlisted the expertise of several Business Intelligence consultants to expedite the implementation of BusinessObjects technologies across one of their largest business units. Deploying highly experienced resources, from Creek Systems, this major defense contractor are now realizing quick successes and improved efficiency over the legacy reporting applications. As a result, the remaining business units will soon follow and take advantage of the benefits of BusinessObjects being their primary reporting platform.


Project - The project was to assist a major defense contractor in updating and maintaining a suite of over 300 internal web applications. The client uses the applications to manage every aspect of their business, from tracking engineering process, to production lines, and HR related issues. The applications utilized a wide array of development technologies including proprietary and open source solutions, application development frameworks and ORMs.

Client Challenge - The challenge was to provide experienced personnel that were able to not only understand the breadth of business requirements met by the application suite but who also possessed the technical ability to develop new code to augment functionality in a wide variety of web development technologies.

Creek Systems Solution - The solution was to leverage years of experience in a broad spectrum of requirements in various industries. Working closely with client end users, Creek Systems deployed their Software Engineers to refine customer requirements and successfully develop many new versions of existing applications. Our key success to the solution was the extent of Creek System experience in various backgrounds including DBMS, Java frameworks and ORMs

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