Project - The project was to assist a defense contractor that designs, develops, and produces missile systems for U.S. and allied forces in updating and maintaining a suite of over 300 internal web applications. The client uses the applications to manage every aspect of their business, from tracking engineering process, to production lines, and HR related issues. The applications utilized a wide array of development technologies including proprietary and open source solutions, application development frameworks and ORMs.

Client Challenge - The challenge was to provide experienced personnel that were able to not only understand the breadth of business requirements met by the application suite but who also possessed the technical ability to develop new code to augment functionality in a wide variety of web development technologies.

Creek Systems Solution - The solution was to leverage years of experience in a broad spectrum of requirements in various industries. Working closely with client end users, Creek Systems deployed their Software Engineers to refine customer requirements and successfully develop many new versions of existing applications. Our key success to the solution was the extent of Creek System experience in various backgrounds including DBMS, Java frameworks and ORMs


Project - The project is to develop and implement multiple Balanced Scorecards (BSCs) in support of a large defense client. The scorecards focused on the new organizational behaviors that were needed by the client and their support organization that was providing IT outsourcing support. New governance structures and relationships are being put in place and this set of BSCs would be used to drive the needed new behaviors for both the client and support organization management teams as they step into new territory.

Client Challenge - The challenge is to extract the key summary behaviors required by the stakeholders, and then develop the behavior driving metrics that can tell, quickly whether or not the new behaviors are happening or not. Since IT organizations are very use to thinking in terms of Service Level Agreements as the controlling definition of performance this behavior based approach takes some getting use to.

Creek Systems Solution - The solution involves a series of workshops, face to face where possible, and going through a structured process starting with some high level questions like “Where’s the pain?” and then driving down to behaviors, and eventually metrics that reflect the desired behaviors. The “Balance” in a BSC is in the weightings across the various categories of behavior/metrics in a way that holds a tension between competing objectives, a key though often ignored aspect of outsourcing contracts. What shows up in the final product often surprises the stakeholders with a mix of standard SLA type metrics, but some deeper behavioral metrics like bringing innovation, and partnership to the relationship, in a measurable way.

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