Project - Music Mastermind develops and markets products that allow people without any formal musical training or ability to create music that has all of the qualities of professionally produced songs. Their goal is to offer new mobile and social gaming products to consumers in 2010 that will enhance the creation of music. MM’s Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Bazylevsky made it clear that they required a team of employees with a high level of expertise who could work diligently and efficiently to bring their unique and innovative products to market. In addition to acquiring talent, Music Mastermind sought a system to assist recruitment efforts by limiting exposure, containing costs and with meeting all regulatory compliance standards. To fulfill their specialized needs they engaged Creek Systems.

Client Challenge - The initial steps were to assess the technical skill and work experience requirements for MM’s open positions, as well as gage what traits would result in a cultural fit within the organization. Many of the open positions demanded highly skilled engineers with experience in the music industry or with a personal background that included formalized musical training. In addition to their talent acquisition needs, a technologically advanced system that enabled continuous communication between recruiters and hiring managers, and assured compliance standards were met from initial candidate searches through on-boarding was required. It was evident that the solution must include methodologies to reduce time-to-fill cycles, contain recruiting costs, streamline the recruitment process and efficiently match applicants with required skill sets while mitigating risk.

Creek Systems Solution - After assessing the client’s needs, Creek Systems Workforce Acquisition team was able to quickly identify talent and present candidates that met all of Music Mastermind’s requirements to fill current openings. To assist in streamlining their recruitment efforts and maintaining an open line of communications between the hiring managers and recruiters, Creek Systems licensed Music Mastermind to utilize their MSP tool, Prizm™ VMS. The Prizm™ Vendor Management System provides MM with the ability to consolidate their vendor database and ensure consistent pricing and invoicing. Additionally, the technologically advanced system matches applicant’s skills to the requirements of each position and notifies hiring managers of qualified candidates. Music Mastermind was able to embed the VMS application on their website’s career page, allowing interested applicants the ability to scan openings and submit their resume. The system ensures unilateral treatment of applicants, limiting the exposure to discriminatory claims while providing recruiting metrics “on-demand”. Prizm™ VMS provided an environmentally-friendly solution to the myriad of documentation necessary to meet compliance standards with a highly efficient system that minimized recruitment expenditures.

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