Project - Supplier Metrics Evaluation Application. Internal Client Application for large company in support of military agencies for the Department of Defense that is driven by field engineers (FE’s). The FE’s role is to gather information about supplier processes, analyze their design and production methods and report implementation and results based on client specifications. The automated process allows for instantaneous evaluation to determine if specifications are being met and if, necessary, to work with supplier to bring up methods and processes to company standards.

Client Challenge:

Increase the scope of the application to provide FE’s and management the ability to see a larger picture without having to re-engineer critical systems.
Engineer new subsystems and identify existing systems which may need enhancement rapidly to meet critical deployment schedules.
Address current application shortcomings that did not meet original specifications and correct those deficiencies quickly.
Ensure business rules and processes perform exactly the same in both client and web versions of the product.
Accomplish these items with little or no formal training of the application and its business processes.


Creek Systems Solution - Using AGILE development methodology, we were able to provide immediate help in coding and deployment of current high-priority fixes that were not dependent on business rules. This technique helped to stabilize the application and increased reliability and client confidence. As the production progressed, we were able to learn the business processes in time to develop new capabilities requested by the client for the application.

Expertise was sought to address several issues where we provided robust solutions that were implemented in the next major release. Additionally, we were able to add a new component to the system for both platforms of the software that increased customer capability for decision making in critical systems. The entire implementation covered all layers in the application and the end results were rave reviews by the end users.


Project - Self Help Customer Support Portal. Develop and deploy a customer self help support portal to reduce the amount of service calls for nominal and recurring computer issues. This case study refers to the portal’s automated solutions portion of the entire project. The scope of the project involves a larger set of services that are available to users for a more complete system.

Client Challenge:

Be able to quickly identify common computer user issues and develop automated solutions to resolve them.
Develop solutions rapidly using a common software framework for building, testing and deployment of solutions according to customer design specifications.
Develop archive and management backend systems in support of the development process.


Creek Systems Solution - Using modern Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) principles, I developed a process for rapid solution development by designing a framework based on a model used by another group and enhanced for the client. When a solution is developed, the developer uses the framework to create robust scripts that solve the issue defined by the process and reduce the overall coding time, while standardizing the user interface and expectations.

The development process is further defined by a rigorous testing and QA process to ensure the solution meets the expected requirements across the platforms that are supported by the client.

Other Case Studies: