Corporate Responsibility is a fundamental principal at Creek Systems that is applied to every aspect of our business. We approach every strategic objective with the highest ethical standards, focusing on how our business impacts people, the planet and profit. Creek System embraces the concept of self-regulation to ensure that all of our activities minimize our environmental footprint while promoting the public interest. We continue to deliver outstanding quality solutions to our clients, achieved in a workplace culture that embraces honesty, ethics and diversity.

Creek Systems is committed to act as a responsible community member, ensuring that everything we do results in a positive impact on society and minimizes adverse impacts on the environment. We embrace an internal culture congruent with the international norms for values and ethics. Creek Systems has adopted practices and procedures that dictate we behave ethically and to contribute towards the quality of the life of our people, their families and the communities in which they live.

We recognize that our impact on society is extensive. We provide professional services and advice to a wide range of leading businesses, to government departments and to public sector organizations across the nation and the globe. We understand our responsibility as an employer of exceptional talent and we invest substantially in the training and career development of our people. We are dedicated to a work environment that fosters professional and personal growth, recognizes achievement and provides an atmosphere that encourages creativity.

Creek Systems is honored to promote the betterment of mankind via our philanthropic activities. Our people and our leadership support charitable fundraising initiatives and donate their time and talents to benefit the community. Creek Systems and its employees raise and donate funds to non-profit organizations on a consistent basis. We believe that each business entity and every person have a fiduciary responsibility to help advance and develop the communities where we live and operate our businesses.

Creek Systems commitment is to minimize the potentially significant footprint of our operations on the environment. We have implemented practices that conserve energy, minimize waste products, promote recycling and utilize an environmentally friendly waste disposal process. Creek Systems Prizmā„¢ VMS application also provides clients with an environmentally-friendly solution to minimize paper usage, storage and waste while providing full data archival capability and on-demand metrics.

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