At Creek Systems, our focus is to foster client growth while mitigating risk.. Assessing current risk is the first priority from which strategies for reducing liability exposure are developed. Executives have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure stakeholder assets are protected from unnecessary risk, but do not always have the level of HR expertise available in-house to make an accurate assessment or develop the strategies to limit exposure. Creek Systems’ HR consultants are leaders in the field of risk assessment, strategy formulation and implementation management. They will analyze your current policies and practices and identify all areas of exposure and ascertain levels of risk.

Creek Systems HR consulting team is able to not only determine where the highest levels of exposure exist, but will also assist in formulating a strategic solution to mitigate that risk and develop an implementation plan that will optimize acceptance of the change. Our expert HR consultants provide a cost effective option for company stakeholders, in lieu of additions to staff of credentialed, experienced, strategic HR professionals who command high salaries on today’s job market.

Creek Systems’ complete HR analytical and risk mitigation services include audits of the following critical areas:

Employment law compliance
Policies and procedures
Employee benefits
Recruitment and selection
Employee development and training
Employee relations

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