A Chief Financial Officer can fill a number of functional roles or focus exclusively on financial management issues. The job description is often dictated by the size and complexity of the organization but all Chief Financial Officers shoulder the fiduciary responsibility of meeting government reporting requirements, budgeting and finance procurement. Every company has their own idiosyncrasies that need to be incorporated in their Chief Financial Officer’s job description. Creek Systems provides expert assistance in researching and defining the position parameters that will lead to finding candidates best suited to your corporate culture. When it comes to a recruitment search for Financial Executives, Creek Systems expertise can be a valuable asset for your organization.

Whether your organization is looking for a CFO seasoned in handling billion dollar budgets and complex investment activities or an individual willing and able to be responsible for a broad range of duties that are not necessarily closely related to finance and administrative functions Creek Systems can provide a comprehensive list of available candidates that meet your criteria.

In the challenging economy that requires companies to function on lower margins, a CFO has to be able to make difficult decisions based on sound financial principles to carry the organization forward. The importance of choosing a candidate with the background and experience to make the right recommendations for your enterprise is critical. Creek Systems can conduct the exhaustive education and employment verification process required when the candidates have been whittled down to the half dozen most promising. Careful consideration is given to every aspect of finding the most qualified person to fill your unique Chief Financial Officer position.

Banking & Finance Officers recruiting searches provide:

  • Assistance in building comprehensive job definitions
Extensive background, experience, skill and character reference checks
New employee orientation
Post employment training programs

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