The individual that gives direction and leads an organization to achieve its mission goals through strategic implementation of sound business practices and foresight is a company’s most valuable asset. Finding the person that possesses these qualities and shares your organization’s philosophy and stated objectives can be the greatest challenge faced by any company. A wrong choice can have long term repercussions.

Equally as critical to a company’s stability and success is the selection and education of the Board Members required by law to fulfill fiduciary board operations and serve as the liaison between stakeholders and the public. Matching the particular governing style of a board with that of the individuals recruited for board positions is a challenge that must be met to insure smooth and effective governance.

Executive recruiting searches today include issues unlike those of the past twenty years. Not only are there more qualified candidates to consider - what those individuals want has changed. Government and public interest in the particulars of CEO employment packages and board accountability is higher than it has ever been. Position descriptions and benefit negotiations contain elements that reflect the mobile nature of the new global marketplace.

Creek Systems CEO and Board Services specialize in matching individuals with the skills sets and personality traits of a Chief Executive Officer desired by organizations in need of their talent. Current comprehensive data on the financial and public opinion impacts surrounding the new employment negotiation planks are an invaluable part of what Creek Systems offers to their clients when acting as their CEO recruiters.

Creek Systems CEO and Board Services provide:

  • Comprehensive Corporate Personality Assessment
Cost and Time Efficient Screening of Available Executive Talent
Compliance with Current Government Rules and Guidelines
Contract Negotiation

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