The Chief Operating (COO), Chief Technology and Engineering (CTO) and VP Quality Assurance Officers are the executive management team responsible for policy adherence, project quality control, operations and personnel management in the major segments of the organization they work for. Employing and retaining individuals with proven leadership and vision abilities in each of these specific areas is of primary concern for organizations around the world. Overseeing planning, managing, production, marketing and distribution are part of the multi-faceted skill set required of executive management.

Creek Systems recruitment methods have resulted in the building of a compressive candidate database that allows on demand matching of qualified people to position parameters. Screening and testing for the required business abilities and personality traits that assure a comfortable fit within the existing corporate structure are part of the executive management recruitment services provided by Creek Systems. The exhaustive background check, education verification and skill testing regime is conducted to verify that candidates truly posses the qualities required prior to being submitted for consideration.

Creek Systems proprietary recruitment system is conducted behind the scenes as if it were a part of the corporate organization and the human resource costs are significantly less than they would be if conducted by your HR department personnel. The savings in time and money combined with the high quality of results delivered by Creek Systems executive recruiting service makes good business sense when the need arises to fill critical corporate executive positions in a timely manner. Business operations can continue with minimal disruption.

Executive Management recruitment services:

  • Acts as a seamless part of your corporate HR department
Incorporates the latest screening tools
Provides required documentation of employment processes and procedures
Offers corporate orientation and training of newly hired executive management personnel

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