When tasked with locating general management talent, HR departments can be quickly overwhelmed with the sheer volume of available candidates with the required general management experience called for. Business enterprises need talented managers that can take direction from top executives, understand executive directives for the organization, set specific goals for their departments that fit within the corporate plan, and manage people in a way that inspires them to achieve their best through articulate and consistent directives.

Executive management knows that Divisional and Departmental Directors are the backbone of corporate communication and objective execution. In the current economy having dynamic general management with internal entrepreneurial skills can make the difference between achieving the production and mission goals of an organization and lagging behind the competition. Getting the top talent available is important to the organizations current and future success. General management recruiting is often an arduous task, especially for HR Departments overwhelmed with strategic priorities.

Drilling down to find individuals with the thorough understanding and analytical skills needed in your field is what Creek Systems’ expert management recruiting team does quickly and efficiently. Identifying candidates with the experience, strong leadership qualities and mission critical decision making abilities in the specific area of expertise needed can be accomplished most effectively with the technological tools and screening procedures refined by years experience that Creek System employs.

Employment negotiations can also be handled. Benefit configurations have become high profile and require careful attention in the current environment. Creek Systems finds and screens general management talent while compiling with the employment policies and procedures of your company and can facilitate employment negotiations without disrupting normal company operations and productivity.

Creek Systems General Management Talent Search includes:

  • Reducing candidates to those best qualified for position criteria
Handling pre-interview background verification
Employment negotiation
Employment process documentation

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