Human resource departments are critical components to successful business organizations. The government reporting and employee record keeping requirements alone can keep small business HR personnel busy. The administrative skill set required for meeting the broad spectrum of human resources responsibilities needs to be well developed and rooted in a sold knowledge of staff management techniques. Human Resource Officers handle the analyses of staffing needs to meet the organization’s objectives, equal opportunity, anti-discrimination and occupational health and safety programs. Sharing in strategic management planning the Chief Financial Officer is an important member of a company’s leadership team and needs to possess effective team enhancing experience. The Human Resource Officer sets the tone of all staff related matters from job descriptions to corporate social events.

Creek Systems recruiting services handle many of the time consuming staff vacancy and fulfillment activities that can overwhelm small HR departments when a large number of staffing requests come in at the same time so it is deeply aware of the skill set needed for the head of a human resources department. When Creek Systems sorts through their talent database only the individuals that have the experience in the style of employee management your company maintains. Matching management styles is an important element in the successful transition of installing a new human resource department manager.

Creek Systems offers numerous supporting services aimed towards providing their clients with pre-qualified individuals for evaluation by the executive team that are highly qualified and well-suited to the company culture.

Creek Systems executive recruiting services include:

  • Implementation of proprietary screening and interviewing methods
Company orientation programs
Compliance with Current Government Rules and Guidelines
Supplementary training programs for desirable candidates

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