Industries and organizations are making ever growing use of information technology to maintain their position in today’s fast paced business environment. With computer and communication technologies merged, information technology has become as critical to basic business operations as electricity. Every strategic business blueprint contains plans for LAN and WAN data delivery, control and security as an indispensable and essential ingredient for managing the geographically dispersed workforce and manufacturing facilities that are the makeup of businesses today.

Spearheading information technology departments requires the strong management skills of a top executive combined with a change-oriented, technically savvy, progressive personality that can assess the constantly evolving technology landscape and incorporate applicable elements into the company’s operations to keep a competitive edge. An organization's CIO must encompass all of these skills, plus more. Chief Information Officers must possess a working knowledge of budgeting, supervision techniques, writing administrative policies and procedures as well as the ability to provide executive management with compelling visions of how strategic implementation of new technologies can further corporate objectives. Similarly, these are the basic virtues sought in all Information Technology in varying degrees at various management levels. Technical recruiting requires a level of expertise that may not be part of the HR in-house skills inventory.

Creek Systems proprietary screening and recruiting system can find the five or six best candidates that have the experience in the specific applications and network configurations that make up your corporate technology infrastructure among the hundreds of IT professionals available. Our technically adept employees can develop the detailed experience profile for filling this important position. During the negotiation phase Creek Systems can provide valuable insight and recommendations for offering an appealing employment package to land the individual selected for your Information Technology Officer position.

Information Technology Officer Recruitment services include:

  • Assessment of the specific software, hardware, and network configuration experience required
Screening available IT candidates for your specific IT infrastructure configuration background
Education, experience, and background checks
Post-employment follow-up

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