With an annual combined revenue topping $250 billion in the United States, of the two hundred registered US automotive manufacturers, the top eight companies generate ninety percent of the capital. In addition to the “Big 3” (Ford, GM and Chrysler), there are entities that only produce automotive parts and chassis, plus extremely small custom shops producing boutique vehicles. Foreign manufacturers, such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan have extensive networks of manufacture facilities throughout the US. Companies that produce motorcycles and ATV’s, such as Harley Davidson and Yamaha, round out the industry list.

Profitability in the automotive industry is heavily impacted by labor costs and interest rates. Aside from manufacturing efficiency and marketing strategy, labor and its associated costs will influence the company’s financial health. Efficiency and cost containment in recruiting processes and non-disparate methodologies for gauging performance and retaining talent must be implemented or survival is jeopardized. Regardless of company size, Creek Systems provides the Workforce Acquisition and Vendor Management solutions to assist automotive firms with the locating, placing and retaining of talented expertise required to remain competitive.

Project - A leading provider of automotive financial services required transition of Information Technology support services based on a mix of in-house and vendor provided services to a Service Provider support model. The scope of the project included migrating Service Management disciplines in Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management, Capacity Management and Asset & Configuration Management, in addition to general service offerings in IT infrastructure support.

Client Challenge - IT services needed to be migrated and operational within a contractual 4 month timetable. 75% of the original IT staff was also to be replaced with the new Service Provider company. Documented policy and procedures existed but some information critical to the transition were ‘tribal knowledge’ and a significant amount of knowledge transfer needed to take place to ensure a smooth transition of services. Furthermore, a substantial redesign of processes as well as deployment of new IT Service Management tool was necessary for conformance to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) best practices.

Creek Systems Solution - The solution involved retaining key ‘high value’ Creek Systems employed staff members with a solid understanding of the IT Service Support and Service Delivery process with respect to ITIL best practices. Creek Systems staff was critical in the knowledge transfer, training of new IT staff members, fine tuning of tools and processes and reporting to management on the efficiency and performance of the operational environment. Creek Systems resource was instrumental in minimizing risks during the transition and ensuring a smooth transition of services to the business customer.


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