Every day, highly complex issues are encountered by financial and banking institutions, brought about by highly volatile economies and heavy regulation. The ability to achieve operational goals while managing risk while satisfying the varying interests of stakeholders can be an arduous task.

Creek Systems provides the RPO Services and Workforce Acquisition teams that help your organization meet those demands. Experienced, skilled financial professionals, knowledgeable in regulatory requirements and with an understanding of your internal operations, will apply strategic growth drivers to revitalize and grow your business.

Connecting your organization with a global team of experts possessing experience in all aspects of financial specialties such as transaction and advisory services, taxation and assurance, that harmonizes with your executive staff and board is our mission. These financial experts will impart their knowledge of the latest industry trends and regulatory requirements that are influencing the industry. Whether the current market is stable or highly volatile, Creek Systems provides the collaboration and assistance you need to rejuvenate your business and sustain growth.

Project - A leading provider of automotive financial services required transition of Information Technology support services based on a mix of in-house and vendor provided services to a Service Provider support model. The scope of the project included migrating Service Management disciplines in Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management, Capacity Management and Asset & Configuration Management, in addition to general service offerings in IT infrastructure support.

Client Challenge - IT services needed to be migrated and operational within a contractual 4 month timetable. 75% of the original IT staff was also to be replaced with the new Service Provider company. Documented policy and procedures existed but some information critical to the transition were ‘tribal knowledge’ and a significant amount of knowledge transfer needed to take place to ensure a smooth transition of services. Furthermore, a substantial redesign of processes as well as deployment of new IT Service Management tool was necessary for conformance to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) best practices.

Creek Systems Solution - The solution involved retaining key ‘high value’ Creek Systems employed staff members with a solid understanding of the IT Service Support and Service Delivery process with respect to ITIL best practices. Creek Systems staff was critical in the knowledge transfer, training of new IT staff members, fine tuning of tools and processes and reporting to management on the efficiency and performance of the operational environment. Creek Systems resource was instrumental in minimizing risks during the transition and ensuring a smooth transition of services to the business customer.


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