With more than 65 sub-categories, the industrial and manufacturing industry includes everything produced for sale from aerospace technology, toy and play products to heavy metals, textiles, tobacco and paper products. Medical supplies, plastics, resins and electronics equipment manufacturers also fall under this umbrella. Each sub-category generates over $150 billion in revenue annually. Many of the sub-classifications in this industry supply products for the military and rely on government contracts. Others are totally dependent upon the consumer market, with their revenues fluctuating based on consumer spending ability. Volatility in US and global markets greatly impact the profitability of industrial enterprises and manufacturing organizations. When government cuts spending and when consumers tighten their wallets product demand decreases and revenues plummet. In contrast, when a contract for a product is issued or demand increases rapidly, companies in this industry must ramp up quickly to meet the demand and fulfill contractual obligations. These business enterprises require highly skilled talent to ensure quality in manufacture and expedient production, while capping expenditures that impact profitability.

When industrial and manufacturing entities need to ramp up quickly to meet demand, they turn to Creek Systems to provide experienced personnel with expertise in their field of specialty. With a solid track record of matching skills to meet specific needs, Creek Systems seeks out, finds and supplies the talent that drives their technological processes. From engineers who are masters in their fields, to production managers and operational directors, Creek Systems recruiting experts are diligent in finding the best candidate for each open position. Prizm™, Creek Systems proprietary application for recruiting and vendor management, streamlines the entire recruiting process from position requisition to on-boarding of new hires, while ensuring recruitment efficiency, regulatory compliance and controlling recruitment process expenditures while reducing time-to-fill cycles. When companies require skilled experts quickly, Creek Systems Workforce Acquisition team provides they talent required to fill the gaps in their personnel inventory.

Project - The project was to assist a defense contractor that designs, develops, and produces missile systems for U.S. and allied forces in updating and maintaining a suite of over 300 internal web applications. The client uses the applications to manage every aspect of their business, from tracking engineering process, to production lines, and HR related issues. The applications utilized a wide array of development technologies including proprietary and open source solutions, application development frameworks and ORMs.

Client Challenge - The challenge was to provide experienced personnel that were able to not only understand the breadth of business requirements met by the application suite but who also possessed the technical ability to develop new code to augment functionality in a wide variety of web development technologies.

Creek Systems Solution - The solution was to leverage years of experience in a broad spectrum of requirements in various industries. Working closely with client end users, Creek Systems deployed their Software Engineers to refine customer requirements and successfully develop many new versions of existing applications. Our key success to the solution was the extent of Creek System experience in various backgrounds including DBMS, Java frameworks and ORMs


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