The travel and transportation industry encompasses all methods for the shipment of goods as well as modes of human transport. Nearly 70% of all retail and manufactured products in the domestic US market utilize shipping via truck transport. The recent downturns in the global markets have created financial difficulty for many business operations in all of the transportation sectors. Heavily impacted by fuel prices, taxation and consumers spending ability, negative economic trends force business entities in this industry to raise rates while limiting expenditures to remain solvent. The American Trucking Association has forecasted that shipped tonnage (and revenue) will not increase and the industry will fail to show improvement until volume orders and consumer spending increase. Major parcel and freight transporters around the globe such as FedEx, UPS, DryShips, CAI, Canadian Pacific Rail and the Overseas Shipholding Group, have all seen their stock values decline. The airline corporations continue to struggle in the current economy while companies limit business travel and consumer disposable income is at an all time low. Efficiency, expediency and controlling expenditures are tantamount to survival in this highly volatile industry.

Travel and transportation companies rely on Creek Systems to assist their enterprises in attaining and retaining quality talent while limiting recruiting expenditures and maintaining compliance standards. With solutions ranging from hosted career sites, talent searches, screening tools and on boarding processes, Creek Systems provides Workforce Acquisition solutions that decrease time to fill parameters while streamlining recruiting tasks and controlling recruitment costs. Utilizing specialized recruiting methodologies and their branded Prizm™ technology, Creek Systems enables processes that ensure compliance with all regulatory standards.


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"Creek Systems has been a tremendous resource and a valuable partner for our staffing needs. Arthur is a true professional and understands the critical nature of providing quality applicants in short notice." - Sean Scott, IT Security, DB Schenker

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