Creek Systems Expanding To Include RPO, Executive Search & Consulting Services
The corporate world has changed how it looks at outsourcing cost centers in an effort to streamline administrative loads and meet increasing government compliance requirements since the mid 1990’s. Recruitment technologies have matured from simple computer software applications or traditional recruitment services to cradle to grave employee talent searches, recruitment services, compliance reporting and retention strategies being provided by third party providers. Creek Systems, a respected IT consulting and staffing solution provider, is expanding services offered to include recruitment process outsourcing, executive search and enterprise consulting services for businesses.

WorkplaceDynamics partners with leading regional newspapers to produce Top Workplaces lists.(Orange County, California - September 28, 2009) – Creek Systems has announced the launch of three new services they will offer to businesses looking to reduce the human resource costs associated with workforce acquisition. In a statement from Creek Systems CEO, Kevin M. Daly, “The current economic state requires new, innovative solutions to gaining and retaining talent. Staffing solutions that include fully-optimized technologies combined with recruiting expertise provide a viable alternative for cost effective talent acquisitions”.

Originally listed as a Computer Software company founded in 2003 Creek Systems has continuously expanded the services it provides to many of the Fortune 1000 Companies to become a primary IT consulting and staffing services provider, allowing their clients to eliminate the need for maintaining on site IT departments. Now Creek Systems is redefining itself again as a comprehensive workforce acquisition and professional services firm.

The current economic environment has forced enterprises to examine every aspect of their business operations for areas that can be run more efficiently. Two of the largest cost centers for many businesses are the IT and Human Resource Departments. Third party vendor solutions for outsourcing IT operations have become common over the past decade as security and confidentiality fears have proven unfounded.

The progressive business leaders that pioneered outsourcing their expensive computer and data management office processes have shown a desire to do the same with the equally expensive and time intensive talent search processes. With the launch of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Executive Search and Enterprise Consulting services Creek Systems will be filling the gaps between company recruitment of qualified people, pre-screening testing requisition, human resources new hire office processes, and employee reporting compliance requirements for their clients.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is fundamentally different from traditional recruitment services in that there is a complete transfer of the responsibility and ownership of search solutions, recruitment strategies, and all aspects of the hiring process to the third party vendor. The companies become integrated human resource partners for a fraction of the cost of retaining the office processes in-house. Due to the recruitment technologies and vendor solutions Creek Systems employs they can offer their services for a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment services while offering an expansive comprehensive and ongoing human resources office solution.

About Creek Systems - Creek Systems ( specializes in providing professional services and solutions to the nation’s most prestigious Fortune 1000 companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Headquartered in Orange County, California, Creek Systems support their clients nationwide through a network of offices in major metropolitan areas. Today, Creek Systems continues to be a driving force helping Enterprise clients take action on their resource needs and remains the trusted leader in the human capital acquisition and retention sector.

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