Creek Systems Grants Prizm™ VMS License to Music Mastermind - Creek Systems announces it has granted a license to Music Mastermind for use of their VMS application under an agreement executed by both firms. Creek Systems Prizm™ VMS is an MSP solution that will streamline recruiting processes and contain recruiting costs for MMM.

(Orange County, California - March 18, 2010) - In a release to the press this afternoon, Kevin Daly, CEO of Creek Systems made a public announcement that a license for Creek Systems Prizm™ VMS had been awarded to Music Mastermind. Music Mastermind is a highly successful company producing innovative software for creating and sharing music. Daly intimates that his company’s Prizm™ VMS is an MSP solution that assists clients in streamlining their recruitment efforts, while containing recruiting costs, consolidating data and providing recruitment metrics on-demand. The Prizm™ Vendor Management System technology allows for seamless integration of the many components and modules that add efficiency to recruitment processes and maintains timely communications between hiring managers, recruiters, staffing vendors and candidates.

When asked, Andrew Bazylevsky, COO at Music Mastermind, commented that his firm intends to implement Creek Systems MSP solution immediately. Bazylevsky further stated, “Creek Systems’ Prizm™ VMS is a robust application utilizing the latest technology that will help us (MMM) expedite our recruiting processes, lowering time-to-fill cycles, help us curb recruiting expenditures and allow on-demand access to recruitment metrics. As a new tool for our company, Prizm™ VMS will be valuable for attaining the talent needed to support our continued growth and innovation. Creek Systems MSP solution is beneficial for the growth our company and the future of our business.”

Mr. Daly added that regardless of the size of an organization, Creek Systems Prizm™ VMS will improve the process of recruitment efforts, resulting in increased recruiting efficiency. Companies like Music Mastermind will be able to limit recruiting expenditures, consolidate vendor invoicing and retrieve recruiting data on demand. The final result is achievement in streamlining the recruiting process and increasing recruitment performance efforts.

About Creek Systems - Creek Systems ( specializes in providing professional services and solutions to the nation’s most prestigious Fortune 1000 companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Headquartered in Orange County, California, Creek Systems support their clients nationwide through a network of offices in major metropolitan areas. Today, Creek Systems continues to be a driving force helping Enterprise clients take action on their resource needs and remains the trusted leader in the human capital acquisition and retention sector.

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