Creek Systems Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution - Every savvy business professional knows that maximizing the result on expenditures is crucial to financial success and achieving a maximum ROI. When searching for new talent, is the money you’re spending on recruitment obtaining the qualified candidates you need or are you possibly not targeting all of the available talent in your demographic? If your desire is to excel in attracting, hiring and retaining the best talent available, then Creek Systems Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution will provide dramatic results.

RPO Benefits using Advanced Recruitment Technologies - Utilizing the Creek Systems RPO Solution includes the use of our superior, proprietary software that enables us to provide your organization with premium talent search services in the following areas:

  • Sourcing talent and screening applicants
Selection of the best-matched candidates for the open position
Management of the recruiter/candidate relationship
Providing interview coordination, office processes and support
Management and tracking of requisitions
Negotiation of offers of employment
Executive talent search
Ability to fill urgent labor needs
Full recruitment support, from opening requisition to placement and personnel management

Complete labor reporting and employee metrics

Creek Systems provide an array of recruitment services that will compliment what you are already doing in-house. When you need to fill a critical position or when a peak hiring period may overwhelm your in-house recruiting staff, we can supplement your recruitment efforts. In urgent situations, our experienced recruiters and HR professionals can jump in and handle talent search and sourcing, screening for qualifications and fit, and provide you with the optimum candidate selections for final interviews. This can be especially helpful in specialty skill areas where in-house expertise does not exist.

When you need assistance in acquiring talent, Creek Systems Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution can supplement your in-house recruiting team or manage the entire recruitment process. Our RPO team continues to be the optimum choice for companies that require assistance in filling the gaps during peak business cycles or during difficult recruiting circumstances.

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