Creek Systems Employee Spotlight is honored to recognize those Employee’s whom have achieved tasks, duties, responsibilities, and the goals established and assigned to them since day one with Creek Systems.

Demonstrated a direct or indirect positive impact on the team
Produced results in the form of increased productivity, increased revenues, reduced costs and/or improved processes/operations
Demonstrated a positive attitude, cooperation, initiative, and/or flexibility
Provided a significant contribution toward work force cohesiveness, pride, morale, and/or enthusiasm
Demonstrated and Represented Creek Systems values of integrity, accountability, professionalism, quality, and caring in the performance of his or her duties


David Coates, Software Engineer, Raytheon Missile Systems - “My experience at Creek Systems has been tremendous. Creek Systems maintains strategic relationships with quality employers that have ongoing staffing needs. The folks at Creek Systems are able to quickly match applicant skills to available positions. The team at Creek Systems wasted no time placing me in one of the most rewarding positions of my career so far. Thanks to Creek Systems, I now have a dream job with a Fortune 100 company” - David Coates

Reza Rassool, Chief Technology Officer, Music MasterMind - “The beautiful match-makers at Creek Systems called me within days of my entering the market. I would not have found this start-up opportunity on my own. Creek helped me secure the position and supported me in my role as CTO, building a dream team.” - Reza Rassool

Andre Watts, SAP Business Objects Consultant, Computer Science Corporation - "The Creek System's team is professional and quick to action on bringing talent together. They service their client's objectives and keep us in the loop on their specifications and plans. Working with the Creek System's staff is a charm."
- Andre Watts


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