Your organization’s ability to comply with regulatory requirements is ensured when utilizing Creek Systems environmentally-friendly VMS solution. With consistency in recruitment processes, compliant documents, standardized BFOQ’s (bona fide occupational qualifications), documented applicant flow and objective talent measurement tools, risk from discriminatory lawsuits is mitigated. Our VMS platform is a must when adhering to the goals set forth in your Affirmative Action Plan, which will assist in protecting government contractual requirements. Your position as an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer is readily defendable. Creek Systems VMS solution aids client companies for improving the quality of new hires, fostering acquisition of highly skilled talent, with a platform that enables statutory compliance.

Creek Systems VMS Compliance Highlights:

Supports OFCCP’s Internet Applicant definition
Complies with Section 508 and Accessiweb Bronze for career site accessibility
Historical archive functionality enabling data retrieval
Complete applicant flow and selection data, enabling regulatory reporting and ability to analyze efficiency in achieving hiring goals.
Systematic and consistent capture of required regulatory data ensures compliant selection processes
Guards against subjective hiring with unilateral screening criteria for all candidates

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