Just providing resources for in-processing a new hire can require massive coordination. In addition to the copious forms and documents that are required, coordination across multiple departments for resources such as network access, furnishings, telephone extensions, identification badges, mailstop assignment, orientation meetings and more can bog down the entire process. The inefficiency that results can increase on-boarding costs and loss of productivity. Lack of consistency in the process can result in non-compliance and exposure to disparate treatment claims.

Creek Systems VMS provides complete automation of all in-processing documents and paperwork, accelerating the on-boarding process while ensuring consistency, limiting liability and mitigating risk. Our VMS platform also helps coordinate and initiate all on-boarding tasks, adding efficiency to the process, enabling a reduction in time to productivity for all new hires.

Along with tracking all vital elements of the new hire processing, Creek Systems environmentally friendly VMS helps your organization deliver a consistent, organized experience for new personnel that reinforces your company’s mission, its culture and values. Your new hires are quickly engaged, ready to be of service and represent your organization. Process efficiency, legal compliance and cost containment are the attained results of utilizing Creek Systems VMS.

Benefits of On-Boarding with Creek Systems VMS:

All new hire documents and forms data fields are seamlessly populated by the automated system.
Automatic initiation of on-boarding tasks when status changes from applicant to new hire.
Ability to monitor the entire on-boarding process via the comprehensive, user-friendly dashboard.
Customization of the on-boarding module and ability to add an unlimited number of data fields for storing information such as employee ID numbers, additional contact data, assigned company property, etc.
Report generation feature to obtain on-boarding metrics necessary to gain efficiency and eliminate process bottlenecks.
Full integration capability with existing payroll and HRIS systems.
On-demand access, 24/7 via the internet.
Consistent application of on-boarding processes, ensuring unilateral treatment of new hires and maintaining legal compliance.

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