For complete streamlining and automation of the recruitment process, Creek Systems environmentally friendly VMS solution makes recruiting efforts efficient, seamless and turbo-charged! Built-in assessment modules allow you to specify requirements and ensure applicants are qualified. Hiring managers can review and compare applicant data, such as assessment scores, work experience and interview results, all on a single screen.

Time is no longer spent scheduling selected candidates for interviews – Creek Systems team of recruiting and HR experts handles these mundane tasks for you. Your hiring managers can focus on strategic initiatives and tasks instead. Archival of all time-stamped recruitment data and communications keeps your organization up to date and in control of the recruiting process.

Assessment tools incorporated into Creek Systems VMS solution allows your organization to develop unique, specialized analytical assessments for every position requisition. This allows for complete objectivity in the review of candidate’s skill sets, ensuring quality talent hires while reducing exposure to discrimination claims and mitigating risk. Retention of talent improves when the candidate selected possesses the correct skill sets and is a cultural match for your organization.

Highlights of utilizing Creek Systems VMS solution:

Hiring managers send less time on mundane recruiting tasks and are able to focus on your company’s goal and strategic initiatives.
Candidate assessment uses intelligent automation by logically analyzing skill sets against the position requirements.
Objective assessments mitigate risk and exposure to discrimination claims.
All recruitment data is archived and time stamped. Historical records may be retrieved any time necessary.
Hiring managers no longer have to shuffle and review piles of hard copy applicant data when attempting candidate selection. Creek Systems automated VMS solution allows candidate data to be reviewed on a single screen “on-demand”.

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