Managing multiple staffing suppliers for several concurrent openings can be a very time consuming task for any organization. The mere volume of tracking metrics can overwhelm in-house HR departments and recruiters, causing other strategic projects to stagnate. This is when using Creek Systems Vendor Management System - Prizm™ VMS - is an optimum solution. With the ability to provide recruiting metrics on demand and track innumerable vendors concurrently, Prizm™ surpasses other MSP products (Managed Service Provider) available on the market today. Creek Systems Prizm™ VMS will enable your in-house team to focus on strategic initiatives versus spending valuable time tracking vendor and applicant data.

For smaller enterprises that do not have in-house HR expertise, utilizing Creek Systems to supply highly qualified personnel for your openings will alleviate the time constraints recruiting places on your hiring managers. Creek’s Prizm™ VMS will track the specifics on every position, and the recruiting status of each opening, and enable access for your hiring managers to obtain the data they need on demand. The tedium of coordinating multiple vendors and tracking the specifics of each position is eliminated.

Creek Systems Prizm™ VMS tool provides the following benefits for your business:

Consolidation of vendor invoicing
Vendor billing rate standardization and management
Reduction of time-to-fill cycles
Immediate availability of vendor performance metrics
Cost control and elimination of maverick spending by hiring managers
Streamlining requisition, approval and placement workflow
Optimizing of your vendor supply base
Unilateral treatment of applicants
Reduction in paper usage - an environmentally friendly, green solution

Recruiting efficiency and cost containment will impact every company’s bottom line. Regardless of the size of your organization, whether you are a small enterprise or a major corporation, utilizing Creek Systems Prizm™ VMS will improve your recruiting metrics and supplement compliance requirements.

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