Electrical, software, manufacturing and mechanical engineering positions in today’s marketplace have evolved from strongly defined specialized areas such as product design and development, robotics, automation control, information networks, or quality control and testing to ones requiring multidisciplinary thinking and skills as a result of the constant press to get more done on shortened schedules with lower production costs. Employers need qualified engineering candidates that are able to apply their knowledge and experience to solving issues across many venues.

While all engineers have the same basic engineering knowledge and skills acquired during their formal education it is how they have expanded on them that can determine their value to a potential employer. The diversity of talent and skill sets from one engineering specialty to another can make differentiating qualified candidates difficult for HR staff that does not have engineering backgrounds or experience with engineering terminology.

Whether an organization is looking to fill permanent engineering positions in their core technologies and research departments or contracting contingency engineers, Creek Systems recruiters can determine the depth of a candidates extended knowledge gained through experience. Testing for the ability to think in advanced mathematical and abstract terms is not all Creek Systems does during pre-qualification interviews of engineers. Using state of the art interviewing techniques, recruiters can determine the candidate’s ability to apply as well as understand engineering design principles and processes, work as a team player or function as a leader. Determining cultural fit within your organization is accomplished utilizing behavioral interviewing techniques.

Matching candidates with organizations is what Creek Systems excels at. As the need for all types of engineers expands in the aerospace, utility, chemical, business equipment, computer and telecommunications industries finding and retaining highly capable engineers will continue to be a job for experts.

Benefits of using Creek Systems:

Our recruiters are experienced in the industry they source and recruit candidates
Recruiting services can be contracted to include only those your organization wishes to outsource
Detailed communication with all stakeholders maintained throughout the hiring process
State of the art interviewing techniques applied to discover the depth of skills and abilities of candidates

Engineering Staffing Services - From small to large corporations, Creek Systems supplies highly skilled engineering professionals for all areas of specialty.

Aerospace Engineer Electrical Engineering Technician
Aerospace Engineering Technician Engineering Manager
Architectural Drafting Technician Environmental Engineer
Architectural Engineer Industrial Engineer
Biomedical Engineer Industrial Engineering Technician
CAD Technician Materials Scientist
Chemical Engineer Mechanical Engineer
Chemical Engineering Technician Mechanical Engineering Technician
Civil Engineer Model Maker
Computer Engineering Technician Nuclear Engineer
Computer HW Engineer Nuclear Engineering Technician
Computer SW Engineer R&D Manager
Electrical Engineer Structural Engineer

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