IT Manufacturing is the process where equipment is produced for consumers ranging from small, personal devices and computers to major communications switches and corporate computer networks. It is in the manufacturing and supply chain that innovative concepts become reality. The manufacture of technology products requires that these companies be able to quickly retool and produce components and equipment for a rapidly advancing and changing industry. The talent, expertise and skills required to remain competitive in the advanced technology market means decreasing time-to-fill cycles cost effectively is critical to the organization’s success. The IT products manufacturer that can expediently fulfill consumer demand for quality IT products will realize success.

IT Manufacturing Staffing Services - From smaller firms to internationally based large manufacturers, Creek Systems supplies highly skilled IT Manufacturing professionals for all phases of the manufacturing life cycle.

Electrical Engineer Production Integration Specialist
Electrical Technician Production Manager
ERP/MRP Engineer Production Supervisor
ERP/MRP Specialist Project Manager
Inventory Control Specialist QA Manager
Mechanical Engineer Quality Management Specialist
Process Engineer Test Engineer
Production Engineer Test Technician

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