The number of positions within the business world that require skilled legal personnel makes individuals educated in the law extremely desirable employees. More than 40% of law school graduates are employed in business, industry, government, military, and public interest and training jobs according to the American Bar Association. Legal assistants, paralegals, mediators and attorneys with abilities to apply applicable law to situations, understand complex printed material, write and speak concisely on legal matters important to corporate decisions and planning are the invisible infrastructure of organizations and manufacturers around the world.

Permanent, contract or temporary demand for candidates with legal education and experience can be answered quickly and efficiently as a result of Creek Systems use of dynamic legal recruiting methodologies to maintain a constantly growing talent pool. It is not uncommon for law firms to make use of Creek Systems high-quality legally trained contingency workforce when their staffing needs expand temporarily as a result of unexpected caseloads, while looking for permanent replacements for positions, or filling in for absentee permanent staff.

Utilizing Creek Systems to find, recruit, negotiate and finalize the acquisition of legal personnel in accord with corporate parameters guarantees that legal compliance throughout the hiring process is adhered to, reporting is done and litigation risks are kept at a minimum. Critical confidential and detailed communication between the parties in regards to performance expectations and compensation is handled by Creek Systems recruiting experts with tact and finesse that ensures a positive experience regardless of the ultimate outcome of the negotiations.

Benefits of having Creek Systems handle your organization’s legal position fulfillment include:

Expertise in contract negotiation and compliance to all current legal hiring requirements
Wide range of degrees of legal education and experience to fulfill the variety of job positions
Pre-screening and verification of experience and productivity through modern interview techniques
Professional, confidential communication exchange on details of expectations and compensation between parties with litigation risks minimized.

Legal Staffing Services - From small to large corporations, Creek Systems supplies highly skilled legal specialists for all areas of expertise.

Adjudicator Lawyer
Compliance Managers Legal Assistant
Corporate Attorney Legal Documentation Specialist
Court Clerk Legal Researcher
Criminal Justice Specialist Legal Secretary
Immigration Counsel Paralegal
Law Clerk Records Specialist

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