Purchasing professionals and acquisition specialists know how to appraise potential suppliers, analyze the market, and negotiate for the best price while staying within industry best practices. Finding candidates with proven abilities to expedite and stream-line source to pay processes and comfort with the ever evolving procurement tools to facilitate access to up to the minute information on supplies, materials, and products available globally is what Creek Systems can do through the use of their proprietary talent management techniques. Since the efficient functioning of the procurement department of every organization is critical to business operations flowing smoothly, projects starting and ending on time, and production being accomplished in the most cost efficient manner having personnel with the proper education, experience and aptitude is pivotal in maintaining a healthy bottom line.

Creek System recruiters assist clients with defining a detailed position definition that will filter through the extensive talent pool available to them and return those candidates that have the specific experience, knowledge base and abilities desired. The difficult task of negotiating with expert negotiators on the terms of employment can be conducted through Creek Systems therefore limiting possible personality conflicts or risk of future litigation. Since Creek Systems specializes on workforce acquisition, both for permanent placement and contingent workforces, our recruiting experts are thoroughly versed in and comply with hiring procedures according to state, federal and local regulations. Outsourcing workforce acquisition tasks allows your business to proceed as usual internally while Creek Systems finds, screens, recruits and negotiates with the best candidates to match the right individual to the position.

The benefits of using Creek Systems to secure procurement personnel:

Flexible menu of services to choose from for the fulfillment of qualified employees
Experienced recruiters knowledgeable in purchasing and procurement processes and procedures relieve in-house HR from the tedious tasks of testing and verification of skills and education
Access to an extensive database of pre-qualified available talent for quick position fulfillment
Comprehensive documentation and reporting of entire hiring process

Procurement Staffing Services - From small to large corporations, Creek Systems supplies highly skilled purchasing and procurement specialists for all areas of expertise.

Cost Estimator Procurement Clerk
Costing Specialist Purchasing Agent
Inventory Clerk Purchasing Manager
Inventory Control Clerk Retail Buyer
Logistics Clerk Supply Chain Manager
Logistics Manager Wholesale Buyer

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